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NY’s Fashion Week winter chill melts to Green – how and who made the runway designs ecofriendly

As February comes to a post- climactic close and we attempt to readjust ourselves into our diurnal routines after a whirlwind of fashion, art and innovation that comprised 2015’s New York Fashion Week, it’s important to take a step back and assess. This year’s Fashion Week did not fall short of it’s legacy of novel and iconic high art in the leading industry of the world. In fact, the fashion industry has expanded in recent years to follow suit of the transportation, food and medicinal industries by taking the green route and have redesigned itself to include sustainable and environmentally sensitive approaches.

Photo by Simona Marchaj

As citizens of the world are beginning to turn their gaze to the future and consider biocentrism, that is “the belief that humans are not more important than other living things,” we as a world community are beginning to be more careful and thoughtful towards our choices in consuming. It appears that large industries have begun to make the shift toward living green and making choices in the present that will ultimately affect the lives and well being of the following generations and resources on Earth. Such precautionary measures of minimizing the amount of garbage in landfills, decreasing the amount of hazardous waste from chemicals and attempting to reduce pollution as a world economy have reverberated throughout the fashion industry’s open mind.

The fall/ winter collections that graced the runways last week appeared to have warmed up from New York’s bitter chill and stumbles of green grass seemed to have forced their way up through the flurries. Green designs that were forged ethically behind an environmentally sensitive mentality prevailed on the catwalks this seasons. Gary Harvey’s recycled couture collection at The GreenShows explained that this year, “newspapers and laundry bags rustled down the runway, along with old sweatshirts and baseball jackets repurposed into gowns.” Such innovation, he says is spurred by the truth that, “too many garments end up in landfill sites. They are deemed aesthetically redundant and get discarded at the end of the season when there are often years of wear left.” The GreenShows that NYFW have been featuring are rooted in the drive to, “take on the many challenges facing the luxury fashion industry today with a return to organic and sustainable practices and contribute to a better world for future generations.” Such methods of reducing, reusing and recycling are positive steps forward in repurposing the stigma of the industry’s previously wasteful tendencies and sprouting a new tradition within the fashion world.

In regard to the changes in protocol, Suzy Amis Cameron “founded a unique and innovative dress design contest called ‘Red Carpet Green Dress’” which takes on the mission of bringing sustainable practices into high fashion and encouraging designers to create a “red carpet worthy dress, and now tuxedo, [from] environmentally and socially responsible fabrics.” Dietz writes for the Huffington Post that green fashion is the inevitable future for designers on the entire spectrum and, “as the paradigm of luxury shifts to sustainability and conscious consumerism takes hold, hundreds of up and coming designers have responded on their own, making beautiful eco-friendly and ethical fashion.” At PopTopCo we too are inspired by the movement toward sustainable practices and hope to reduce the amount of materials in landfill sites by reusing pop tops and truck tires to create ethical accessories. Our efforts in preserving the planet has caught the attention of everyday eco innovators whom are intrigued by the positive lasting effects of promoting green fashion.

As shown PopTop Sophie™ as worn by Asia Lis, Polish Fashion Blogger

Written by Rebecca Ramirez.




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