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Redefining eco-fashionable for the everyday consumer – Fashion Labels Worldwide

Fashion labels worldwide are beginning to hear the echoes of eco innovators who are raising their voices in protest towards the unethical and somewhat dirty approach to creating, manufacturing and transporting clothing and accessories for the public. For those of us at PopTop Boutique™  we are hoping to lead the way in sustainable, green clean living. That is, to perpetuate and promote the use of quality recycled materials in an ethical and eco- friendly manner. In what ways are is the fashion industry redefining their approaches and advocating green, sustainable fashion?

The idea of altering one’s lifestyle toward one that is more mindful towards the environment and conscious of the waste and toxins in everyday items can seem a bit daunting and overwhelming. To begin, there is a commonly held misconception that buying green is costly and out of budget for most consumers. On the contrary, the truth is far from this fallacy. In actuality, buying green can be as simple as venturing into the world of the used, recycled and refurbished. By reusing products, the amount of chemicals, waste from excess fabric and pollutants released into the environment is greatly diminished.Consumer Care

In an article entitled “Green is the New Black: Fashion Industry Aims to Increase Sustainable Practices”, Adamczyk explains that “the fashion industry [is] the third most polluting industry on earth after oil and agriculture,” setting the tone for the humbling news that the very companies from whom we buy our clothes has historically not taken precautionary measures to preserve the earth. At the non- profit organization Cradle-to-Cradle Products Innovation Institute this notion is being replaced by new, more sustainable one. A program has been created on the grounds of creating awareness about the positivity in using high quality products throughout the fashion industry. The program was founded on the necessity for philanthropists in search of information and is a reservoir of information for supplies and companies to seek out “ethical materials for their labels. This initiative is considered a “ground-up approach as a ‘continuous improvement roadmap’ for sustainability.” This very notion of working from the ground up to change the industry is the first and most crucial step in altering the industry’s poor reputation of environmental unfriendliness. At PopTop Boutique™ we have followed suit, and are taking recycled materials, wielding them into wearable art and are making our products affordable so everyday consumers can join the green movement. It is in this way that larger, higher grossing brands and labels in the industry will see a change in shoppers preferences’ and will make alterations to appease their desire for eco- friendly fashions.

In USA today, Nasser writes that, “green apparel and accessories still make up barely more than 2% of the $200 billion fashion business in the U.S,” a staggeringly low figure for what would be ideal and ethical in the industry. Leaps and bounds have been made toward refashioning the industry as sustainable and built upon the grounds of conservatism. For instance, Nasser explains, “High-end department stores and boutiques now carry green fashion. Top designers are embracing synthetic and recycled materials” which is a collective sigh of relief for eco- conscious consumers throughout the U.S in support of the green movement.EcoFashion by PopTop Boutique™

As PopTop Boutique™ and our fellow sustainable brands move onward through 2015 we are keeping a mindful eye toward our environment and the consumers within it looking to leave a positive imprint on the earth. It is conscious shoppers who are beginning to redefine the industry’s definition of what is fashionable. That which is fashionable is beginning to revolutionize into more than aesthetic, physical stylishness and beauty and is now beginning to encompass the means from which the wearable art was created. Describing a piece of clothing or accessory as fashionable now means it was produced in a sustainable factory, with good working conditions, where workers are treated and paid well and use non toxic, non harmful and environmentally friendly textiles and materials. Conserving the planet and looking stylish in doing so is what makes an eco innovator truly radiant and revolutionary in the fashion world today.




Written by Rebecca Ramirez.

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