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Reforming fashion: Why designers choose to be eco-conscious

Reformation of the fashion industry has taken leaps and bounds towards sustainability with designers’ eyes wide open toward the benefits of ethical production and practices. From high-end labels, to mass-producing retailers, and even down to the newest of designers working on their first lines, the consciousness of environmentalism and the protection of our planet begun to change the industry for the better and smarter. This stark shift was incited due to awareness of the truths in the industry’s system including the inhumane experimental testing on animals, pollution from dyes and chemicals in fabrics and general waste implicit in the discarding of scrap textiles, along with excess and unused products. These attempts in reducing our ecological footprint during a time of environmental sensitivity are invaluable to the future of our planet and the precious resources available for the future. Which brands and labels, including our very own PopTop Boutique™ are making ethical and environmentally friendly choices?

honest-byOne label in particular, Honest by., prides itself in “providing full transparency of origin and pricing,” of its ethically sourced and constructed textiles and materials. The designer behind the label, Bruno Pieters argues that the unethical companies are wielded powerless if the dominating consumers funding their products take a stance and demand natural and sustainable fashion. In sue of Pieters’ revelation; the redefining of a luxury label supported by a firm ethical backbone will set the trend for innovation in the industry.

Stella McCartney is yet another example of a designer making a change in the practices of her label. Like Pieter’, McCartney has taken up arms against the testing on animals and said in regards to her label, “We are very careful to only work with suppliers that treat their sheep humanely,” so as to avoid infection of the animal and support honesty and integrity on all sides of the production of her clothing. Like us here at PopTop Boutique™, McCartney is careful in choosing how her products are made, which are, executed solely by hand.

ReformationThe designer behind Reformation, Yael Aflalo, has done just what her brands’ name infers: reform the fashion industry. Seeing as “Fashion is the third most polluting industry in the world,” Aflalo’s label supports the LA based sewing factory, which is the first sustainable and eco-friendly factory in the US. In an interview with Huffington Post Aflalo explained that Reformation, “makes its clothing from three sustainable fabric sources: environmentally friendly and recycled content fibers, repurposed vintage clothing and excess fabrics made by other fashion companies.” Such practices reduce the amount of resources extracted from the supply change and promote the creatively conservative approach to fashion.

At PopTop Boutique™ we pride ourselves in our dogma of reusing recycled pull tabs and truck tires for our handmade handbags, belts, bracelets and dog collars. Like our fellow green-labels, we too support the notion of being eco-conscious and environmentally aware of the necessity in shopping green and we invite our consumers to follow suit! To us, the future of cutting edge design in the industry will be tied seamlessly with recycled, reused, friendly products that are sourced from used materials and reconstructed into wearable art. PopTop Boutique™’s recycled products offer a welcomed sigh of relief for those concerned about where disposed truck tires and soda tops go after they’ve been used. Many will find it refreshing to know they’ve been refashioned into fashionable accessories and not stuck in polluting landfills.





Written by Rebecca Ramirez.

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